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Who we are

Health sector in the Rwanda, across the region and Africa is faced with inadequacy of health system research to identify and diagnose health system issues, capacity challenges in the domain of designing and studying health system strengthening (HSS) approaches and insufficient evidence based policy development for health system strengthening.

In the past decade, Health sector in Rwanda experienced reforms which boosted Rwanda health system and contributing towards MDGs. These reforms range from health insurance, decentralization, performance-based financing, etc… As a result the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health (NURSPH) is continuously receiving many demands from different countries for training/capacity building, field visits, technical assistance and access to key documents.

With the financial and technical support from Rockefeller foundation, the NURSPH established a Center of Excellence (CoE) with the mandate to contribute to the strengthening of health systems. This brings an opportunity for policy and decision makers, practitioners and public servants to access information and gain hands on experience on health systems strengthening.

The HSS CoE mandate is in conformity with the vision and mission of the NURSPH which is to develop national resources through training of professionals and conducting research to develop evidence-based health programs.

Objectives of HSS CoE

  • Contribute to the development, implementation and update of the National Health Research Agenda with emphasis on Health Systems
  • Enforcing health systems research to advance the attainment of universal health coverage,
  • Contribute to capacity building at national and regional level in health system strengthening approaches,
  • Documenting health systems strengthening activities and innovations in Rwanda, across the region and in Africa.

HSS CoE Programs

Trainings, Workshops and seminars

Following the training needs assessment done; different modules have been developed to help in short course trainings. The following are some of the trainings and workshops offered by the centre:

  • Performance-based financing (PBF)
  • Community based health financing (CBHF)
  • Health governance and Leadership
  • Health Policy and Health systems
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health programs.

Study Tours

The centre has been mandated by the Ministry of Health to handle requests from different countries that seek to come in Rwanda and have our experience in Health sector. Rwanda has vast interesting experience in Health sector including Community based health insurance, PBF, e-health, health programs decentralization, effective community approach and many more.

Research & Documentation

HSS CoE conducts and documents researches pertaining health issues. The centre also collects best researches, articles and publications from health experts and institutions worldwide which are of interest for health systems strengthening. This collection of information can be accessed on-line or in the library at the centre.

Strengthening NURSPH Academic Programs in HSS

The centre strengthens the existing academic programs at the NURSPH in health systems strengthening components through the provision of technical expertise (module strengthening and training of lectures)


To effectively attain its objectives the centre is in partnership with different partners ranging from academic institutions, ministries, NGOs, research institutions, UN institutions, health facilities etc.

The centre of excellence for health systems strengthening is based in the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health located at Kicukiro, Kigali Rwanda.

Website: www.hss.nur.ac.rw
Email: hssrwanda@gmail.com
Twitter: HSS Rwanda@HSSRwanda
Facebook: hssrwanda@gmail.com
Youtube: hssrwanda@gmail.com

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